The UK Strangeling Vinyl Launch 10-11th March 2018

The UK Strangeling Vinyl Launch...

Strangeling Vinyl is a brand new way to collect
 the art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Issue No.1 is...

Alice In The Starry Night @ 24.99

Based on the original painting, part of the Alice in Other Lands art history series, we have Alice inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. This beautiful vinyl doll (a finely crafted designer vinyl toy suitable for ages 3+) presents Alice as an artist herself, complete with palette & paintbrushes. Each toy is handpainted including the complete interpretation of the Starry Night painted on her tiny dress!

Each doll measures approximately 3.5 inches high & they are delivered in custom window gift boxes. As each doll is hand painted by skilled artisans with tiny brushes, there are of course slight variations from one to the other, brushstrokes, makeup, eyes, even the tiny Starry Night is individually painted & varies from one doll to the next (but with the same basic look/feel). Each vinyl is therefore unique, beautiful & absolutely adorable.


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Strangelings XL
Strangeling Vinyl
Alice In The Starry Night Strangeling Vinyl



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